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A running log of key milestones for Storecoin to-date

June 2018
Testing on Blockfin, Storecoin’s consensus engine, grows to 220 validator nodes and 40 message nodes. See Github Repo
Tech media legend Tony Perkins interviews Storecoin Creator Chris McCoy on blockchain, tokenizing data and Storecoin's unique system of using dynamic inflation to fund zero-fee transactions for users of the network.
May 2018
We started testing a version of BlockFin peer-to-peer (p2p) core built using "feeds" and "follow" model of data replication. The design motivation is discussed here - Github.com/StorecoinProject
Proof-of-Community, the way for Storecoin followers to become official Community members, is launched. Approved members receive a tee, become eligible for future air drops, and are prioritized for future invite-only token sales. Learn More.
Pomelo paper, the precursor to Storecoin’s whitepaper, is released publicly - Full Paper, Summary
April 2018
Storecoin publishes an open-source proposal to increase throughput and decentralization in Tendermint
Project Fort Knox: Storecoin takes major steps to secure its code base with the help of the Amazon Blockchain Strategy Group
BlockFin -- the fork tolerant, auditable, leaderless, high throughput, and decentralized consensus protocol invented by Storecoin -- becomes patent pending
Storecoin releases its Treasury Plan showing how tokens will be allocated to public sales (33%), incentivizing the growth of the network (33%), and to the team -- across a 1,000+ year time horizon
Storecoin submits an open source improvement proposal for improving the decentralization and throughput of Tendermint -- the consensus mechanism for the Cosmos project and the Tendermint Foundation
Storecoin releases its 8-year roadmap detailing how the public protocol can evolve from from apps, to smart contracts, to the cash register and beyond
Early plans for the Storecoin Ecosystem Fund begin
Long-term custodianship of token-based Treasury is put into place
The v3 spec for a Governance with United States-inspired Checks and Balances is released
Storecoin grows its team to 14+
March 2018
Storecoin achieves 10,000+ Transactions Per Second in a 21-validator node set-up and 159,000+ TPS in an 8-node set-up
Storecoin releases its technical white paper for Blockfin to its internal team of technologists and advisors
Storecoin publishes a visual presentation on BlockFin, to be used for future public presentations
Storecoin’s legal team builds a KYC/AML and Global Securities Law-compliant plan to grow the project to +21,000 wallets before public launch
Storecoin builds a method to mail T-shirts to thousands of Community members around the globe -- using a third party warehouse and API calls!
Early plans for acquiring money transmitter licenses in the United States begin
Storecoin releases a v2 spec for its decentralized Security Guard network
February 2018
Research for Storecoin’s Governance reaches version 2 for internal peer review
Govnodes, a new type of decentralized worker to host the votes and communication for Governance, go into product development
Storecoin releases a v1 spec for Level 2 scaling through Masternodes (encrypted agents)
January 2018
Michael Arrington and XRP Capital, Ari Nazir and Neural Capital, Anthony Pompliano and Full Tilt Capital, plus 200 others close out Storecoin’s second, invite-only token sale
Working with Amazon’s Blockchain Strategy Group, Storecoin begins securing its code base, private keys, and more with Project Fort Knox
Storecoin launches its public Telegram Super Group
Creator Chris McCoy introduces Storecoin to the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
Footprint -- the operating company that started Storecoin -- re-focuses to becoming the *ConsenSys for Storecoin*; the search for a CEO begins
Storecoin adds two new executives and grows its team overall by 4 new members, including Noah Ruderman, Stephen McKeon and Nathaniel Lubin as advisors for technology, economics and communications, respectively.
December 2017
Economic R&D evolves the project from solving blockchain for franchise and chain stores into solving the problem of p2p, zero-fee, programmable payments
First results of DyPoS are released.
Internal peer review begins for BlockFin, Storecoin’s consensus algorithm
Plans begin to transition Storecoin, Inc. into a non-profit foundation
November 2017
The v2 spec for a Governance with United States-inspired Checks and Balances launches
Storecoin welcomes Mark Ramberg as advisor on security, platforms and digital delivery systems.
October 2017
The v1 spec for a Governance with United States-inspired Checks and Balances launches
Storecoin hires patent attorney Rajiv Patel.
September 2017
The v1 economic and project spec for a Decentralized Security Guard network (dGuards) on Storecoin launches
August 2017
Ari Paul joins as a strategic advisor
BlockTower Capital joins as an investor
The first, invite-only token sale completes with 20 partners
July 2017
Storecoin applies its Dynamic Block Rewards model to Security and has a massive research breakthrough on the potential of inflationary rewards incentivizing decentralized workers to not only process a blockchain but also to secure
June 2017
Storecoin builds the economic model for Dynamic Block Rewards -- or Uber Surge Pricing for Block Rewards
The scope of the project begins to expand past franchise and chain stores
May 2017
Storecoin is formed as a blockchain for franchise and chain stores using DyPoS
Research for BlockFin, our consensus algorithm, begins
The economic principles of Uber Surge Pricing are introduced for inflation-based block rewards
Dynamic Proof of Stake (DyPoS) -- our protocol that encompasses economics, governance, and security with consensus -- is invented

KYC/AML checks required including country-by-country checks for securities law compliance


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