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Storecoin is a zero-fee public blockchain. 

The project aims to bring scalable, decentralized, and programmable zero-fee payments infrastructure to the public internet and beyond.

Coordinated by a one-entity, one-vote governance of checks and balances, STORE aims to become the internet's reserve, zero-fee cryptocurrency.

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Token Details

Description: Zero-fee internet money

Project Type: Public blockchain and p2p currency
Ticker: STORE
Token Type: Own Wallet (not an ERC20 or equivalent)
Treasury: 34% to be sold to the public, 46% to incentivize protocol growth (100 year fund), 10% for founding block rewards, 10% for long-term Treasury (1,000-year fund), Token Sale funds to last for 16 years
Benefits of owning STORE: Stake STORE tokens to secure the blockchain and earn more STORE; once staked, vote in governance; spend STORE where the zero-fee cryptocurrency is accepted; build apps with STORE
Public ICO: No. Milestone-based sales only.
Sold to-date: 13.52%
Amount to be sold in the future: At least 20.5%

Storecoin is incentivized to be both a global store-of-value ($100+ Trillion market) and a global, zero-fee medium of exchange that can challenge VISA-like networks and beyond ($21+ Trillion market).

The Transaction Fee Problem

When accepting payments from credit and debit card networks like VISA, merchants and developers pay fees of 2.5%+ plus thirty cents for every transaction.

Annually, this results in $250+ Billion of fees paid to banks, VISA, more.

These $250+ Billion of fees make entirely new categories of trade and commerce impossible – especially innovation with zero-fee micropayments on the public internet, in web and mobile apps, and for machines/IoT.

Once fees are eliminated, entirely new categories of innovation can be unlocked.

Our Solution

Scalable, decentralized, and zero-fee payments infrastructure for the internet and beyond.

To achieve zero-fee on the Storecoin blockchain, inflation replaces transaction fees. Inflationary block rewards – up to 20 Million STORE or 2% of the genesis block token supply each year – secures zero-fee, p2p transactions. Transactions, payments, and more will forever be zero-fee for buyer and seller; for sender and receiver.

The Storecoin blockchain will be coordinated by a one-entity, one-vote decentralized and democratic governance of checks and balances that can be understood and trusted by miners, app developers, merchants, and the largest organizations in the world – all at the same time.

What others are saying about Storecoin

Storecoin: An Overview

Zero-Fee, p2p Payments – Scalable and decentralized zero-fee payments infrastructure for the public internet
A New Public Blockchain – Not a dApp, ERC20 token, DPOS blockchain, fork, or DAG
Global – $STORE aims to become the internet’s reserve, zero-fee cryptocurrency
Fast – 5,000+ transactions per second (TPS) at launch and expected to increase as transaction demand increases
Adaptive – Parallel and pipelined block production enables increasingly faster throughput (scalability)
Decentralized – On a path to unlimited nodes validating p2p transactions
Censorship Resistant – On a path to defeating sovereign-grade attacks
Secure – Byzantine Fault Tolerance up to 1/3 malicious nodes with continuous on-chain monitoring for bad actors
A Store-of-Value – Up to 51% of circulating token supply can be staked, providing security
A Medium-of-Exchange – 49% can be available for zero-fee payments, enabling utility
Inflation Pays Fees – Up to 20 Million $STORE is added yearly to incentivize consensus, security, distribution, and more
Sound Money – Non-compounding and low inflation puts $STORE on a path to sound money (similar to Bitcoin)
Leaderless – All nodes participating in decentralized work are rewarded for their contributions – on every block
Centralization is Mitigated – Nodes are limited to earning 5% of the block reward no matter their stake size
Democratic p2p Governance – A checks-and-balances governance to upgrade features, leadership, monetary policy
No Plutocracy! – In governance, it’s one-entity equals only one vote paving the way for a p2p democracy
Apps not dApps – Zero-fee $STORE payments inside of apps is the first use case (SMTP but for zero-fee payments)
Cash Registers, Eventually – On a long-term path to bringing zero-fee $STORE payments into retail cash registers
Global Distribution – Banks and processors will be paid in $STORE block rewards instead of transaction fees
Community – Already in 56 countries and rapidly expanding – global meet-ups are next
Ecosystem Fund – Will grow the security, adoption, and liquidity of $STORE – all around the world
Late 2019 Launch – The first two years will be focused on achieving security, Store-of-Value, and minimum viable protocol
Governance Comes Next – A formal vote of checks and balances will attempt to ratify Storecoin’s governance in 2021

How Storecoin solves for both scalability and decentralization without sharding, off-chain transactions, level 2, etc.

Storecoin’s leader-free, BFT consensus algorithm BlockFin, validates blocks in a pipelined process.

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BlockFin is a two-tier network of Validator nodes and Messagenodes, each with specific roles, assemble and validate blocks using a cryptographically secure process. At launch, we expect 5,000+ transactions per second and for throughput to increase as transaction demand increases.

Storecoin is secured by Dynamic Proof of Stake (DyPoS), a new consensus protocol that blends a leaderless and high-throughput consensus algorithm with an equitable and security-dependent economic model.

In Storecoin, all nodes in consensus will receive a share of every block reward and no single node can earn more than 5% of the reward.

Our Team

We have been thinking very long-term about the potential for zero fee, programmable payments.

Chris McCoy



16 years experience building internet and blockchain-based technologies. Chairman at Footprint, tools for blockchain ecosystems. Member of the Blockchain Initiative at the World Economic Forum's Fourth Industrial Center. Founded the 501(c)(3) Data4America. Invented YourSports.

Rag Kidiyoor

Rag BhagavathaFULL-TIME

Chief Technology Officer

Over two decades of building distributed messaging, social networking, and database technologies. Has been working with Storecoin Creator Chris McCoy since 2011. Previous Cloud Infrastructure Engineer @Apple (2011-2012), Frontend Architecture @Cisco WebEx (2006-2011).


Jason Varner

Jason Varner


10 years modeling economics for hedge funds, internet startups, and blockchains.

Jay Pal

Jay Pal


30 years in building distributed computing technologies. Leads DevOps at Footprint -- a global product team shipping software 24/7 using continuous integration and continuous deployments.

Pablo Yabo

Ari Paul

Strategic Advisor

CIO at BlockTower Capital, angel investor, former PM for the UChicago endowment.

Mark Ramberg

Stephen McKeon

Cryptoeconomics Advisor

Finance professor at University of Oregon studying cryptoassets, security issuance, private equity, and M&A.

Mark Ramberg

Nate Lubin

Communications Advisor

Former Director of the Office of Digital Strategy @White House (14-16), Director of Digital Marketing for Obama for America (08, 12), Political Science @Harvard

Mark Ramberg

Noah Ruderman

Technology Advisor

Former Facebook software engineer studying privacy and cryptocurrency architectures with properties that scale

Mark Ramberg

Mark Ramberg

Platform Advisor

Led global business for Amazon Web Services’ activity in the digital media industry (11-15), currently a VP at Akamai, cloud expert, distributed computing innovator.

Antone Johnson

Antone Johnson

General Counsel

20 years experience as business and technology lawyer, startup advisor, and executive. Antone previously served as VP of global legal affairs at eHarmony and practiced corporate law at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR).

Rajiv Patel

Josh Lawler of Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP

Strategy Lawyer

Focuses on novel issues presented by developing technology including Blockchain (distributed ledger), artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual/augmented reality and internet of things.

Storecoin's one-entity, one-vote governance of checks and balances is the coordination mechanism for the zero-fee payments protocol.

Major Milestones

View Storecoin's milestones across tech, governance, community, and more at http://storeco.in/milestones

Jan 2019The governance peer review mailing list grows to 65+; Storecoin joins the Messari registry Link
Dec 2018Storecoin releases first version of research for its tokenized app platform and p2p compute engineLink
Nov 2018Storecoin releases its governance of checks and balances for public peer reviewLink
Oct 2018First version of the Storecoin Wallet is releasedLink
Aug 2018Community members are wearing $STORE tees in 56+ countries and our Telegram grows to 2,000+Link
Jul 2018Storecoin releases a new inflation plan to be in alignment with sound money of gold and BTCLink
Jun 2018Testing on BlockFin grows to 220 validator nodes and 40 message nodesLink
Apr 2018Storecoin’s consensus engine BlockFin becomes patent pending as to prevent malicious hard forksLink
Mar 2018Storecoin pushes the Tendermint consensus to 169,00 transactions per second with 8 nodesLink
Jan 2018Storecoin’s second milestone-based sale ends, adding 200+ wallets and $1.3 MM of Treasury Link

Overview of the Public Blockchain and Public Cloud Markets

*For live networks, decentralization is based on current status, not future goals*Inspired by research from Tom Shaughnessy and 51pct.io

*View data used in the graphic at http://storeco.in/compare

Our Latest

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  • The project welcomes its first Community members, accepted through the Storecoin Proof of Community application. Members are wearing #STORE T-shirts in 56 countries.
  • Storecoin announces new marquee investorsRead the announcement
  • Storecoin co-creator Chris McCoy introduces the project to 1,200 high school students at the Washington State DECA conference, and soft-launches the Storecoin Brand Ambassador program.
  • Storecoin publishes marketing materials in four languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and RussianLearn more.
  • Storecoin introduces Charles Belle as the project's compliance director working on global banking relationships, MTLs in the U.S. and moreRead the announcement
  • Storecoin Expands Marketing Efforts in Russia, AsiaLearn More
  • Storecoin creates role for HS students on blockchainLearn More
  • Tech policy innovator Charles Belle assumes compliance role for StorecoinLearn More
  • Unique properties of Storecoin's Dynamic Proof of Stake protocol minimize incentive-driven threatsLearn More
  • Presentation by Storecoin Creator Chris McCoy on the zero-fee payments protocolLearn More
  • Creator Chris McCoy explains the benefits of Storecoin's DyPoS protocol during a panel discussion on scalability at Bitcoin Magazine's Distributed 2018 ConferenceLearn More
  • Cryptocurrency news site Bitcoin.com highlights Storecoin’s unique governance modelLearn More
  • Testing on Blockfin, Storecoin’s consensus engine, grows to 220 validator nodes and 40 message nodes See Github Repo
  • Storecoin Creator Chris McCoy shares thoughts on future of blockchain, data and crypto tokens in interview with tech media legend Tony PerkinsLearn More
  • Visual Whitepaper, the precursor to Storecoin’s whitepaper, is released publicly Full Visual Whitepaper, Summary
  • Storecoin publishes an open-source proposal to increase throughput and decentralization in Tendermint Learn More
  • Project Fort Knox: Storecoin takes major steps to secure its code base with the help of the Amazon Blockchain Strategy Group Learn More
  • Storecoin achieves +10,000 Transactions-Per-Second with Burst Traffic and 21 Validator Nodes Learn More
  • BlockFin — our fork tolerant, auditable, and high throughput consensus algorithm — is released for internal peer review Learn More
  • Noah Ruderman, Facebook engineer, joins Storecoin as a Technology Advisor Learn More
  • Stephen McKeon, one of the nation’s leading thinkers on the economics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, has joined Storecoin’s team of advisors. Learn More
  • Storecoin co-sponsors BPASE -- Stanford University’s Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering 2018 Conference held Jan. 24 through 26. Learn More
  • Arrington XRP Capital makes Storecoin one of its first pre-public token purchases. Learn More
  • Chris McCoy will give a presentation about crypto economics on Jan. 24 at the Crypto Finance Conference in LA. Learn More
  • Storecoin, releases test 1 of 7 results for load testing of its Dynamic Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm - Read Here
  • Chris McCoy, Storecoin's Creator, introduced Storecoin to an international audience at the Crypto Finance Conference in Switzerland this month. Learn More
  • Ari David Paul, the CIO of BlockTower Capital, joins as a Strategic Advisor
  • Mark Ramberg, formerly the GM of Amazon AWS Media & Entertainment, joins as our Platform and API advisor
  • Nate Lubin, formerly the Digital Director in the President Obama White House, joins as our Marketing and Communications advisor
  • Rajiv Patel of Fenwick and West joins to help Storecoin file patents for DyPoS Learn More
  • Blocktower Capital makes Storecoin its first pre-public ICO project.
  • TechCrunch publishes Chris McCoy's thoughts on the future of tokenization -- or Securitization 2.0 Learn More

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Background, project mission & vision, team, investors, timelines
Deepdive on BlockFin and our unique approach DyPoS
Working group & public peer review for our governance of checks & balances
How our long term inflation policy enables before zero-fees


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